Sports sector in Hong Kong has always been neglected, despite a few medalists have stood on the international stage and stood a chance to get known. Yet, how could athletes keep peaking throughout their athletic life? Worse still, “injury” is not an uncommon “killer” to athletes’ career and even life time!
    Even if they were lucky enough to dodge injuries, you can hardly imagine HK athletes could stand out internationally, especially team sports players. What are the reasons behind?

    Lost in wrong way of practice;
    Ineffective training modes;
    Lacking undated sports science;

    Sportential, therefore, targets for minimizing the impact of injuries on the athletes’ careers and improving training modes of Hong Kong with updated sports science. We hope to enhance the Hong Kong’s athletes and sports sectors to the international stage. This is what we called “ Make The Legend ”

    What our athletes are saying


    The tailor-made rehab program of Sportential…

    …corrects my muscle control and also the slump back. This helps me a lot during climbing!

    David Yu