In Hong Kong, those who pursue sports face a multitude of challenges, ranging from injury management to finding suitable training facilities, planning effectively, and striking a balance between work and life. These are the difficulties that passionate athletes must overcome. However, we firmly believe that every athlete possesses the potential to achieve their ideal sporting performance.

    Even though elite athletes may not always have access to comprehensive sports facilities, we are confident that with the application of scientific methods and adjustments to personal lifestyles, every athlete can realize their dreams. This is the mission of Sportential: we are committed to elevating the level of sports in Hong Kong by focusing on injury prevention, physical training, sports science, and athletic testing. Our aim is to empower our athletes to compete with the world’s top performers.

    We wholeheartedly invite anyone who shares a passion for sports to join us in creating legends together! Let’s collaborate to craft the future of sporting success. Make The Legend.

    team photos of sportential trainers and therapists in the gym

    What our athletes are saying


    The tailor-made rehab program of Sportential…

    …corrects my muscle control and also the slump back. This helps me a lot during climbing!

    David Yu