Injury Assessment

Immediate solutions for common problems like ligament sprains and muscle strains are essential.

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a hong kong female sports physiotherapist is doing injury assessment and treatment to a patient
a physiotherapist using kinesio tape to the injured shoulder of an athlete

In the realm of sports, injuries are an unavoidable part of the game. However, they need not impede your progress.

Sportential’s Injury Assessment Service is tailored for passionate sports lovers like you, committed to offering the necessary support and solutions.

Common Issues:

Ligament Sprains | Muscle Strains | Fractures | Lower Back Pain | Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

  1. Injury Assessment: Our team of professional therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your injury, identifying the root cause and devising a plan to ensure you receive the best treatment advice.
  2. Myofascial Release: Once the issue is pinpointed, we focus on relaxing the fascia to alleviate adhesions and deep-seated pain, facilitating inflammation recovery
  3. Joint Manipulation: Misaligned joints can result in various issues including fascial adhesions, postural pain, and recurring problems. Therefore, once the fascia is relaxed, we perform joint manipulation on affected areas.
  4. Exercise Rehabilitation: Correcting improper posture habits, strengthening injured joints and tissues, addressing the root cause of problems, and preventing recurrence.
a female patient with ACL reconstruction is receiving dry needling for swelling control and pain relief

Ms. Chan, a avid sports enthusiast, faced debilitating knee pain with a limited 20-degree flexion in her right knee, hindering not only her athletic pursuits but also everyday activities like stair-climbing.

Upon examination, we identified a misalignment in her knee, leading to compensatory movements in her lower limbs. Our approach began with passive therapies including scraping, acupuncture, and interferential therapy to relax muscles and fascia. We then implemented corrective exercises to address these compensatory patterns.

Remarkably, within just one hour, Ms. Chan experienced significant relief, achieving a pain-free range of motion of 90 degrees in her right knee.

Singer 吳業坤 (坤哥), due to prolonged work hours causing posture issues compounded by muscle fatigue, experienced acute lower back pain. Simple tasks like bending over or putting on shoes became challenging.

Following treatment to relax the fascia and realign the spine, coupled with sports rehabilitation training, 坤哥 was immediately able to bend over effortlessly, with no hindrance in his daily activities.

a hong kong sports physiotherapist helps an female rugby athlete assess injury condition and apply kinesio tape to her ankle during onfield support
  • Professional Team: Our team consists of physiotherapists, sports therapists, and fitness coaches of national team caliber, providing you with the best support.
  • Proven Success: Our training has led to numerous Hong Kong record holders and national team members, with the highest achievement being 8 record-breaking performances by a single athlete in one year.
  • All-in-One Service: Everyone deserves comprehensive care, which is why we provide full-team support throughout your journey from treatment to training.