Injury & Treatment

All of the injuries, strains and improper postures can lead to pain. If you keep ignoring the symptoms, it would easily turn into an chronic injury that seriously influences the one’s daily life. With assessment results, our physiotherapists or sports therapists uses different manual maneuver (manipulation & soft tissue release), modalities (modern acupuncture & electrotherapy), and strengthening training to solve the pain issues from the root cause.
To get fully recovered and prevent chronic injury, you have to correct the improper posture, improve pertinent muscle strength and core balance. Rehab training is a pertinent training designed by Olympic-level coaches and physiotherapists which enhances muscle coordination, compensatory movements, and wrong exercise techniques in order to achieve the best rehabilitation result and prevent further injuries. It is especially suitable for the rehabilitation of the patient who suffered from ACL reconstruction, ankle sprain, and bone fracture.