Sports Performance

Creating legends is the ultimate goal for athletes.

Beyond mere competition, as athletes,
we strive for loftier, more profound aspirations: 
to embody the strength and resilience of true champions.

Whether you’re on a national team, school team, or
simply a recreational player, aiming to push past existing boundaries, yet
unsure of how to proceed,
Sportential provides comprehensive support

helping you #MakeTheLegend,
and realize your sporting legacy

sportential creates personalized training programs based on scientific data.

By combining data analysis and sports science, we offer you the most accurate training guidelines to help you achieve optimal performance and reach your fitness goals.

a hong kong male athlete in a starting position at the water side for runnign speed testing
a group of hong kong volleyball players doing S&C training by throwing a medicine ball forward

Sportential excels in designing tailored training programs to meet the diverse needs of different sports disciplines.

With extensive training experience spanning over a dozen different sports, including track and field, basketball, rugby, volleyball, rock climbing, triathlon, ultimate frisbee, and more, we are committed to providing the best athletic training to ensure athletes achieve peak performance in their respective sports.

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a sports enthusiast, we can provide you with personalized training programs to help you achieve your athletic goals.

We shattered 8 Hong Kong records within a single year with one athlete.

Sportential boasts extensive experience in training elite athletes and specializes in translating elite training to athletes of varying levels. Our team of physiotherapists, sports therapists, and fitness coaches are all athletes themselves, recognizing the significance of efficient training, as every moment for an athlete

can #MakeTheLegend.

a hong kong sports player doing clean high pull with barbell in the gym of sportential

Following the ‘All-to-1’ concept, therapists and coaches collaborate to tailor a training program for you, ensuring comprehensive health improvement while minimizing the risk of injury.

For Those:

focusing on specific improvement areas | Individuals with noticeable posture issues | Those with particular pain or health concerns | All skill levels |

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With just 2-6 people, you can form your own specialized sports group.

Before starting, we consult with the group about common training goals, competition schedules, and more. Training is led by professional coaches, ensuring participants can effectively enhance their fitness and improve their specialized sports abilities.

For Those:
Those seeking training partners with common goals | Those aiming to collectively elevate their skills |

a group of hong kong sports players doing rack pull deadlift with barbell in the gym of sportential

Sportential 由奧運級資歷的體能教練物理治療師組成的團隊,透過科學檢測週期化體能訓練計畫,專為志在取得優勝的運動團隊服務。